It has been quite some time since I’ve last blogged. I’ve been allocating my energy into developing Enreitch, my REIT web application. For those who are interested, it is complimentary. Drop me an email and I’ll manually create an account for you (yes, registration has not been automated…….yet).

Dividend Income

Regular readers might be aware that my SGD-denominated portfolio’s dividend income has been declining for the past few quarters through the sales of fundamentally-weaker income stocks. After doing some overhaul of my portfolio, I have somewhat managed to mitigate the decreasing dividend income. Y-o-y, dividend income is still flat, but it beats a declining trend. The next step is to turn that flatline into an upward trend through organic growth.
In contrast, the income from my USD-denominated portfolio has been increasing due to small nibbles here and there in US stocks. In absolute terms, the amount is still minuscule. Increasing the dividend