Bad news for the cashback folks – several cashback cards have changed their terms in the last few months, and what used to be attractive is barely so anymore.

Yes, I’m referring to the OCBC 365 card, CIMB Visa Signature and CIMB Platinum Mastercard. I’ve written about the first change before last year (read it here), so I’ll zoom into what CIMB has done recently, and why their cards have gone from stuff I was actively recommending to something I’m gonna ditch now.

Notable changes in the respective cards T&Cs come 5 June 2019:
CIMB Visa Signature Definition of “Online shopping” has been furthered narrowed to merchants whose main business activity involves selling clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and electronics. Movie tickets and F&B orders no longer included Shifted categories “Cruises” was previously lumped together under “travel” in their Platinum Mastercard “Beauty and wellness” was previously lumped together with