We didn’t blindly “hope” that our investment in this Hong Kong stock would return 44%.

In fact, using our Conservative Net Asset Valuation (CNAV) method, we knew the odds were stacked in our favor.

Unlike the previous Nico Steel Case Study, this time, we are able to provide full evidence.

Entry Price: 1000 shares at HK$29.10 on 31 May 2017 We bought another 1000 shares at HK$26.95 on 28 Jun 2018… and sold when it delisted with a cash offer of HK$38.80

We hope by showing you these “proofs”, and by sharing our entire thought process, you will be able to become a better investor.

So… in this case study, we will cover:

How we discovered the stock Why we bought it Why we held on Why we sold it.

Let’s go.

How Did We Come to Learn About Hopewell Holdings?

Hopewell Holdings had appeared as a potential