I was thinking to brush up my knowledge on CPF, so I decided to attend a CPF Event named “Maximising Your Money”. Unfortunately, I didn’t benefit from it as much as I would like (partly because the speakers had no time to really go indepth due to the lack of time).

Here’s the event description from the CPF website:

But here’s some things I find are key takeaways:

For Mr Soh’s talk

CPF has a retirement calculator that determines the amount of savings you need based on your desired age and retirement lifestyle (it allows you to specify your own rate of return etc). I didn’t know that CPF actually has one. I mostly use excel myself manually or the CPF LIFE Estimator.

Forced savings is sticky, CPF is a good example. CPF forces people to save when they work so they have funds for various purposes.

Compound interest is rather powerful, paired with