Kingsmen’s plan to develop NERF attractions is one of the key reasons why I invested in this company so I wanted to share what I learned during the 2018 annual general meeting.

The total investment in NERF Marina Square is expected to be around SGD5 million so Kingmen can survive the hit even  if this attraction is a complete failure.

This 18,000 square feet attraction will be sited near the Marina Square taxi stand (the one near Mindchamps pre-school) and tourist bus centre so it should benefit from decent footfall. Marina Square NERF will have several large activity zones and even smaller party rooms for private events. NERF merchandise exclusive to the location will also be sold.

NERF Marina Square break-even  SGD Comment Total investment 5,000,000 Annual opex including depreciation 8,000,000 Assumed price per visit (SGD) 40 Same as Super Park Visitors needed to break even per year