One afternoon, after fixing myself a cup of Earl Grey tea, I was walking back to my desk when I remarked, “Wa… If only I had a couple of scones, clotted cream, and some jam. High tea mood, sia…”

One of my more vertically challenged colleagues who heard me, asked, “What’s high tea?”

I paused.




Next, I took a long sip, walked over to her desk, and held my cup above her head.

Nah. This is high tea loh.”


After cleaning up my spilt tea and nursing a bruise in my side.

I reflected on my poor life choices, made a mental note to NOT crack jokes while holding hot beverages, and decided to compile a list of high tea promotions in Singapore instead.

This one’s dedicated to those who:

Love long leisurely high teas Long to, or are already living the tai tai (a