Warren Buffett is known to be one of the greatest investors in the world.

He’s made his billions in the stock market buying great American businesses such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and Wells Fargo (many of which have now expanded globally)… and holding them for the long term.


…Have you ever wondered what he would likely buy in our local stock market if he were a Singaporean?

Let’s find out!

There’s no secret behind how Warren Buffett picks his companies.

In Berkshire Hathaway’s 1994 annual letter, Warren Buffett wrote:

“…We believe that our formula – the purchase at sensible prices of businesses that have good underlying economics and are run by honest and able people – is certain to produce reasonable success.”

Doesn’t sound like much of a secret, does it?

But Buffett used this formula to great success – beating out the S&P 500 index and