Last year around the same time, in early June, Azalea Capital issued their Astrea IV bond.

What was significant was that this was the first bond that Azalea Capital open a specific tranche that retail investors are able to purchase with smaller denomination. The reception for Azalea IV was very good.

And so now, 1 year later, Azalea Capital decide to release the Astrea V.

Currently, the Astrea V bond is in the order book building stage. It is kind of crazy this time round. As of now, I heard it is greater than US$4.3 billion! This means the demand for this bonds is a lot.

The final interest yield guidance should be as follows:

Class A-1 Bonds (available to retail investors): 3.85% Class A-2 Bonds: 4.50% Class B Bonds: 5.75%

I think it is likely that if you bid for it, you are not going to get a lot.