I saw this article Five Lessons from History from one of Uncle8888’s post link. I find this article very insightful and here are a few paragraphs that are particularly resounding –

“Downturns don’t happen in isolation. The reason stocks might fall 30% is because big groups of people, companies, and politicians screwed something up, and their screw ups might sap my confidence in our ability to recover. So my investment priorities might shift from growth to preservation. It’s difficult to contextualize this mental shift when the economy is booming. That’s why more people say they’ll be greedy when others are fearful than actually do it.

The same idea holds true for companies, careers, and relationships. Hard times make people do and think things they’d never imagine when things are calm.”

How many of us have ever experienced a market crash bad enough to make us capitulate or want to capitulate? I think if