This post came late as I was taking a short break from blogging last week. Coincidentally, at the point of writing this post, Astrea V Pte Ltd lodged their Astrea V Bonds final prospectus today that offers 3.85% p.a.

Even though the interest rate offered by Astrea V Bond is higher as compared to Singapore Savings Bonds, Astrea V Bonds are far more complex to understand as compared to Singapore Savings Bonds. For those that wanted a risk free investment without much thinking involved, I will recommend to buy Singapore Savings Bonds.

For those still keen in Singapore Saving Bonds, the effective interest rate for July 2019 Singapore Savings Bonds (GX19070W) is 2.16% if you held it for 10 years. The interest rate is the lowest for the past 12 months. Nevertheless, as usual, I shall be allocating a portion of my monthly salary into safe haven as the