Sold my 90,000 shares of Sasseur REIT on 10 Jun at $0.795
Total profit, including dividend, of $18,267.63 (31.6%) in 4 months.
This is my BIGGEST profit ever!!!!!!!
The next biggest profit was actually CapitaMall Trust of $9,497.26 (Link)

Reasons for selling it:
1) PB 0.9 at this moment.
Their NAV increased 11.2% to $0.8897 compare to IPO (Mar 2018).
Since this is a pure China property shares, so normally I will discount 15% off the NAV to have a safe margin. Thus result in PB at 1.05x.
2) Stick to the initial buy plan – SHORT TERM.
As we are coming to the end of bull run and this is a pure China stock, thus, not going to keep long term. Better to lock in profit than to lose money.
3) A heavy wall of Sell Q at $0.80 based on Market Depth

4) Sasseur REIT report their financial result 1 month later than majority of the REIT