Source: BreadTalk

A couple of years ago, I wrote that BreadTalk (SGX: CTN) aimed to achieve a net profit margin of 8% by 2020. Yet so far, its net profit margin (2.1% in FY2018) is still far below its intended target. This prompted a shareholder at this year’s AGM to ask the management whether their target still remained valid.

The answer was ‘yes’.

But the bad news is that BreadTalk only has two years left to hit its target. Can they really achieve it?

It looks like a far-fetched goal at this point in time. But I gained a few insights on what caused BreadTalk’s current depressed margins and how it plans to achieve its 8% target by 2020 when I attended the AGM.

Here are eight things I learned from the 2019 BreadTalk AGM.

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