Hands up if you think global markets are going to crash in the next 12 months?

If been trying to keep my emotions in check with regard to this, but I can’t help noticing an ever darkening cloud overhead.

What’s one to do then? Sell and run to the hills? Load up on gold? Admit yourself to a mental hospital and ride the wave?

Who the hell knows eh?

To be honest, I’ve been deliberating making 10% of my portfolio gold. I joke you not. For me, it’s more about hedging and protecting my cash which is in a currency I’d rather not reveal.

I know gold doesn’t pay a dividend and you have to pay for storage etc. but I still feel that when the shit hits the fan and there’s blood in the alleyways, it’ll be the gold holders smiling and sleeping comfortably, while everyone else goes grey and drinks vodka by