Astrea V announced its balloting results today. Unlike equity, the bonds will only start trading on this Friday, 21 June 2019. 

As stated in their press release, all applications below $50k received some allocation and 75% of the $180m shares went to them, “reflecting the Issuer’s desire to allocate to smaller retail investors“. I am pleasantly surprised at the 50% chance of being allocated a meaningful amount. To apply $50,000 and have a 50% chance of receiving $16,000 worth of bonds is definitely not a bad outcome. Those who applied for $1m shares now receives $50,000 rather than $11,000. That should at least make them “happier” for now. 😆  As for me, I am really the “salty olive” ☹️ …. couldn’t even get any at 50% chance 🤪
Congrats to those who got it! … Make Astrea part of your bond ladder portfolio.