I always think that diapers are very much overpriced but super necessary. Ask me to use reusable diapers and wash the poop and urine every day, I will not do it, I would rather pay for disposable diapers. However, as with all things, they should be made cheaper because we change diapers so frequently at every 2 to 3 hours. I blogged about it previously that Huggies Total Protection Silver Pants is one of the cheapest and bought them from MyCK stores for my elder daugher.

Recently, I found an even cheaper brand imported from MyCK. Introducing Baby Diary diapers:

At $10.90 per bag, $9.90 when on promotion. There are 70 pieces for M size (6-11kg), 60 pieces for L size (9-14kg), 56 pieces for XL (12 – 17kg), this amounts to only $0.155, $0.181, $0.194 per piece for M, L and XL respectively. This price is calculated