Your Portfolio Yield Determine Your Risk-Tolerance , No?

In general, your portfolio yield could be a very good indicator if you are taking too much risk or risk-averse. I plot a chart to show my portfolio yield vs other income investment instrument as below:

My yield from equity is about 6.1% , which is slightly lower than S-REITs averg of around 6.5% (base on OCBC Investment Research S-REIT Tracker-link). Although I am just having around 42% in REITs but since my other’s holding also mostly dividend play like Telco/ Banks + 2 investment trust ( Hotung Investment and Global Investment) and some other blue chips ( Keppel Corp / ComfortDelgro) etc , which gave me a yield of almost 1.75X higher than STI ( ES3).

My Portfolio Yield (Including Bond + CPF) drops to just around 5.1% if I include the Bond and CPF balance where the interest rate are lower