I got an interesting question from a reader of my previous post about – “Did you buy anything in June then?”

Yes, I did actually.

I subscribed to Astrea V IPO and managed to get a few lots. It debuted above the 3-4% IPO price which was great. I look forward to its 3.85% coupon payment every few months.

I also bought DBS 4.7% Preference Shares at $103 per share. It came down from $105 after the last coupon payment. At $103, it will deliver 4.56% yield to me. Close enough to 5%.

Yes, I am loading up on bonds => need to diversify mah …

Hmm, what else? … I continued to accumulate Eagle Hospitality Trust at 70 cents. Are you shocked?

Well, as shared previously, I think it is a okay risk to take at 70 cents, which is 10% below their IPO price, expecting to deliver 9%