Month of June has been incredible. A recovery of Index with continuous upward price swing on selected Reits and Trusts. The final return will be known tonight after the US market ends. This post is about how I ensure the gap continues. Here’s links on my goal to ensure the performance is maintained.

Despite high number of Reits/Trusts in my portfolio, achieved 100% strike for 5 digits gain on each. Having enlarged Banks investment as blogged earlier to help me catch up with the rising Index works well.  Singtel seems bottomed but I do not want to average up yet as I like to reserve my funds for opportunity.

Result: XIRR YTD: 16.86% (slightly higher due to some realised gains), Profit Yield: 15.3%, Total Profit 1st Half YTD : $146,949 (Realised/unrealised including dividends), Expense Ratio 0.35%, XIRR Non-Fixed YTD: 20.5% (Removing Bond/PS elements). Despite that, I am happy with them as they gives me confidence to map