How has everyone been? I hope everyone is doing well.

I’ve been MIA for quite some time. I had an exam paper to clear and have spent quite some time unwinding after my paper. I have recently become acquainted with Chinese Science Fiction (translated to English, thank you) and it has become my new love interest! lol

I digress, financial updates first before I wax lyrical about my readings.

Dividend Income

After a few quarters of tweaking my portfolio, there is finally dividend growth in my SGD-denominated portfolio! Weaker counters have been pruned and, in their place, are stronger counters with more predictable cash flows. I don’t think the dividend growth rate is sustainable yet. I have recently sold half of my stake in Singtel and, without a suitable income replacement, I expect dividend income to drop again.

In my USD-denominated portfolio, dividend growth hit a new high this