I’ve started tracking expenses again cos I’m in Paris and it’s going to be interesting to see how much I spend when I’m here. 
Note that this month’s expenses will be quite messed up cos I’ve been here for only half a month but some of the expenses here are also from my fixed expenses in SG. I’ve stopped tracking my SG discretionary expenses so I don’t have those numbers. 
So the expenses this month will be just a feel/estimate of what my expenses will be like the next few months. 

So let’s just look at the Paris expense for this month ONLY, cos that’s pretty accurate for these past 2 weeks.

Food was EUR134.19
Quite high, cos we went out to eat a few times. 
Most notably a steak at $53 and a burger at $21.
If we remove this, the total drops to EUR60.19.
This includes some supermarket shopping for some basic groceries (salt, pepper, etc),