For time-pressed investors who are looking for stock ideas, with sufficient capital to take action.

A common question I often get is how and where I get my investment ideas from. If you count just SGX, NYSE, NASDAQ and HKSE (the stock markets I’m most interested in), there are a gazillion listed stocks alone…all of which could provide an opportunity. So where does one get started?

For me, I get my stock ideas from anywhere and everywhere. It could be from reading the news, an analyst report, a (non-fiction) book, seeing a brand when I’m overseas, or hearing about a “stock tip” from my friends. 

As long as you cultivate an open eye and mindset, there really are opportunities to be found everywhere. For instance, my investment into Disney (almost a 50% gain now) was sparked off when I noticed plenty of children carrying Frozen and Marvel-themed backpacks while I was out on