“Eh, I PayLah you later.”

Sounds familiar?

Regardless of whether you use PayLah or PayNow, or even GrabPay, it is without a doubt that mobile payments have become widespread in Singapore.

In fact, you can now make payments for something as simple as chicken rice at your favourite locale with just a few clicks. I mean… can you actually remember the last time you queued at the ATMs to withdraw cash? Mobile payments have made it so easy and convenient for us to make payments.

Sometimes, it’s almost too easy that you don’t even know where your money went.

Caption: Me looking at my bank account be like…

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If you’re a beginner investor who’s already looked at STI ETFs and even dabbled in a global ETF like an S&P 500 ETF… Did you know that you can also invest in a mobile payments ETF?

Since we are already using