June was a bumper month for dividends that’s for sure. Being a blog that circumnavigates the area of all things dividend, I though I’d share a few details with you:

Total dividends collected in June = $12,226 

My biggest contributing counters were as follows:

-Ascendas H Trust
-Accordia Golf Trust
-Capital Mall
-First REIT

I’m confident in all these counters moving forward bar one – Starhub. I really don’t think it can sustain their dividend at the current rate, but as things stand, I’m in too deep to let go of the counter. Thus, I’m just going to ride the waves and see if the CEO can wave his magic wand and make wonders happen. I’m well aware this is not sound investment chat; however, Starhub is the only share I have which I speak about in this way, so forgive me.

Overall, I’m happy with June’s harvest and it goes along way to pushing me