I’ve been invested in Keppel DC for some time now.

It’s IPO is December 2014 was a first for data center REITs in Asia, and from the off I liked it. Since 2015, I’ve picked up shares in bundles and at the moment I hold around 52,000 of them.

To date this counter has been good to me. Currently, it’s up about 80% and for the first time I’m feeling that perhaps the time is right to take the cash. As I’ve blogged about before, I try not to let emotions influence my investment decisions, but in this case I am wavering…

I should be! It’s 80% up in the port. and this is a ton of cash that could be thrown somewhere else for a hell of a lot more yield that DC is currently offering (3.1%) That said, everything does seem to be stored on cloud these days, and I