Don’t we all adore Netflix? For a small monthly fee, I get to ‘Netflix and chill’, watch episode after episode of Stranger Things until I start to grow roots. Just for that moment, I become the most resilient plant in the house, going hours on end without food, drink, or sunlight.

Once, as I emerged from my cave looking like a scruffy hobo after another Netflix binge, I thought to myself: ‘Is Netflix as alluring of an investment as their TV blockbusters?’

Well, let’s have a look at the company together.

The trailblazer

Netflix was founded in 1997. The company started as an online DVD rental service, mailing your favourite selection of movies right to your doorstep. It was a revolutionary idea, considering its competitors at that time — Blockbuster and Redbox — were renting DVDs through stores or vending machines spread around the country.

In 2007, Netflix disrupted