I continued my purchase in June to increase my equity holdings. My portfolio equity allocation increased from 37.72% at end May to 44.73% at end June. Earlier this year, I was reducing my equity allocation as I feel valuation was too high, ahead of fundamental. Alas, FED succumbed to the political pressure from the US President, Donald Trump, and indicated they “might” cut interest rate to support the economy. Since I couldn’t predict the future on when a deeper correction would happen, I decided to reposition my portfolio to a more neutral allocation.

Date Securities Action Currency Quantity Price Total
3-Jun-2019 SIA Engineering Buy SGD 5,000.0000 2.4200 12,100.00
3-Jun-2019 Takeda Pharmaceutical Buy JPY 400.0000 3,582.0000 1,432,800.00
11-Jun-2019 China Mobile Buy HKD 1,500.0000 69.6500 104,475.00
I received total dividends of $2,041.52, mostly from China Mobile. Total dividends YTD was $4,611.64. Total portfolio value reached $825,558.31 with additional $4,000 of fresh fund injected. Return YTD was 3.83%, XIRR YTD was 9.62%, XIRR since inception was back above 5% to 5.01%.
Date Securities Name FCY SGD
26-Jun-2019 Royal Dutch Shell PLC-B 32.65 55.97
27-Jun-2019 China Mobile 8,611.59 1,486.36
28-Jun-2019 Telekomunikasi Indonesia 5,238,090.24 499.19

Link to Yaruzi’s low cost portfolio as of June 2019