Resale Endowment Policies, also known as Traded Endowment Policies, have been around for some time. In fact, a very mature market already exists in the UK. Unfortunately, resale endowment policy as an instrument for investment is not as well known in Singapore. Heartland Boy’s financial advisor did introduce him to this concept a couple of years ago but he was not very motivated to find out more then. Given that Heartland Boy has since experienced several new life milestones (such as being a father to Olympia), he felt that it was opportune to review if resale endowment policy can fit into his investment portfolio. To get there, he first has to understand how does a resale endowment policy work.

What Are Resale Endowment Policies?

Just like a HDB apartment, you could either buy a BTO or a resale HDB flat. Endowment policies that start at Year 0 are like