Transactions made in Jul 2019:
– Bought 6,800 units of Ascendas-hTrust at $1.04 
– Sold 900 units of SIA at $9.68 Sold my SIA just before it XD and result announcement as I had a feeling I was not positive about its result announcement on 31 Jul. Also, I was able to make slightly more than the dividends amount by selling it.
I have been queuing for Ascott Reit since May 19 but did not manage to get my orders fulfilled. It has since gone up from $1.17 to $1.30. In early Jul, Capitaland announced a proposed merger to combine Ascott Reit and Ascendas Hospitality Trust (AHT). In the proposal, Ascott Reit will acquire all AHT units for S$1.0868 per unit, comprising S$0.0543 in cash and 0.7942 Ascott Reit-BT units issued at a price of S$1.30. In view of this, I switched my tactic and purchased AHT instead at $1.04. This way, I