Updates for my portfolio for July 2019

Still need a lot of work on my portfolio watch list (I am relying on a few subscription services right now). I am still working on something on the side, hope to get something out by the end of next month. There seem to be new challenges in life personally recently as well. Let’s see how everything goes.

Buy Lion Rock Group for 1.35 Reasons Trading at 7.3% yield, which is at the past 10 year historical high yield of 7.3% Adding more as it is still tiny in my position
Well, that’s all for my money right now. Singtel has fallen, I blame myself for not selling earlier. I am intending to let go more positions and switch to other counters such as GAPack, but let’s see.

My cash position is accumulating (~20%), but I have to save more.

My StocksCafe portfolio