While the rest of us are gearing up for the long weekend thanks to our nation’s 54th birthday (yay!), Singapore’s leading fintech insurer, Singapore Life, has been busy with two new cancer insurance products, Cancer Plan and Cancer Plus Plan. 

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The cost of treatment for cancer can range from $8,000 to $17,000 per month. Unfortunately, with 14,148 Singaporeans diagnosed with cancer each year (that’s 38 each day, mind you!), it’s no wonder that you may be looking out for products to ease your load when the inevitable happens.

TL;DR: What Singaporeans Need To Know About Cancer And Cancer Plus

A Closer Look at Singapore Life Cancer And Cancer Plus Insurance Cancer Plan

With monthly premiums starting from $2.60, the Cancer Plan provides:

100% Coverage of the sum assured for late-stage cancers Death Benefit of $5,000 for your beneficiaries Cancer Plus Plan