I’ve been getting free food in Paris… I think I’ve written about it before. Sometimes I get more, sometimes I get less within a 1 hour period. I don’t go and collect food for the whole day. 
After I get food, I clean it up, cook, preserve, freeze, etc…

Then I realized… how “similar” my life is to everyone else…
You see, when I was working, or when most people work, they are somewhat financially insecure. People work for more years, save more, cos… they don’t know how much they need in the future. They keep on working and saving more. Even though they may already have a few million in assets.

I realized… I also have this mindset here in Paris, if we look at my “work” as collecting food.  
I keep collecting it. Even though I don’t need to. Every few days, the market opens and I can take enough for a few