What is Value Investing?

Value Investing is the process of finding underpriced stocks, buying them, and holding them for the long-term until the market sees the value in the company and what it does.

I previously talked about Value Investing: 5 Things To Look Out For In A Company, which I suggest that you read before coming back to this article.

This time, I want to analyse a specific company, to see whether it checks the five metrics mentioned.

The 5 Metrics To Look At Valuation Metrics Intrinsic Value Debt-to-Equity Ratio Price-to-Free Cash Flow Company Fundamentals

You may go like, “Wait… I’m lost…”

Well, let me explain further below.

Disclaimer: The intent of this article is to evaluate and discuss our opinions. We’re not advocating any particular investment instrument. As always, you should do your own due diligence.

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Buying low and selling high