Was watching this YouTube video by Lavendaire on 15 Ways to Save Money (YouTube) She is based in Los Angeles. So these 15 ways to save money might have a certain slant towards American consumerism.

But here’s a quick summary of the 15 ways, and my thoughts on some of these points:

“1. Use cash instead of credit card”. You will realise how much you are actually spending. Credit card charges high-interest rates if the debts are not paid in full. By using case, you will be pending what you have, versus spending on borrowed money.

I think it’s just a complete lack of discipline that can cause a problem. Credit cards can come with various benefits like cash-back, mileage, etc. So I don’t see a problem if one is paying in full the bills every month.

“2. Write down all of your spendings on paper”. Know where you are spending.

Some people need to write