With university tuition now ranging from S$28,000 to S$146,000+ total, attending college can be quite expensive. Beyond tuition fees, students also need to pay for books, room and board (if they opt to stay in a residential hall), daily meals, and for some, interest on an education loan. Costs go beyond the expected, however. To help incoming students better prepare for less-anticipated expenses, we’ve identified 4 such costs and ways to save on them.

1. Enjoying Air Conditioning in Your Room

Singapore’s sweltering heat and harsh humidity make air conditioning almost a necessity for some. To enjoy air conditioning at your university, however, you may need to pay extra for an aircon-equipped room. At NUS, for example, double occupancy rooms with aircons cost about +S$143 more per semester (per person) than their non-aircon equivalents; single rooms with aircons cost +S$286 more than non-aircon alternatives. Furthermore, universities charge students for aircon