I’ve been talking about climate change and carbon footprint and consumerism and such…
​So the question is… Is ERSG an environmentalist?
Someone who really cares about climate change? Carbon footprint? Etc?

I think for me, the real answer isn’t so simple as a yes or no…
In truth, I don’t think so much about climate change or carbon footprint.
I think about this from 2 points of view.

1) Saving money.
2) Wastage of resources.

But somehow it results in a situation where it appears or sounds that I am very interested in climate change.
The actual end goal of reducing climate change, truthfully, I don’t look so far.
So what do I mean by my 2 points?

1) Saving money…
This is very simple. The less you consume, the more money you save. It’s good for the pocket. It’s good for retirement. But, why I consume less isn’t cos I really want to save the environment. It’s cos I want to