I have uploaded a 9 page SOG report here on InvestingNote and will be grateful if you can vote for me after you download the report.

No one has voted for me yet so I’m hoping everyone can help… I’m planning to donate 100% of any cash prizes to charity and there’s a lucky draw prize (DJI drone) for voters! You will have to set up an InvestingNote account to vote.

Anyway, here are the top 3 reasons to buy SOG which was described in greater detail within the report.

 SOG offers resilient healthcare growth in these uncertain times – 27% earnings growth from 2015-18 by focusing on obstetrics, paediatric and cancer treatments which are less vulnerable to recessions and medical tourism trends. Earnings per share CAGR should be at least 10% over 2018-23 even with constant doctor headcount. There is huge upside from 11 younger SOG doctors as their 2018