StashAway announced some interesting new changes on the platform earlier today. The changes include an increased number of asset types, the number of geographies available for investment, and an ad-hoc portfolio re-optimization to cater to the change in economic conditions.

Launching 13 new asset classes (bringing the total to 32) and geographies

StashAway’s fund selection universe now includes 13 new asset classes, including international treasury bonds (iShares International Treasury Bond ETF), Global ex-US REITs (Vanguard Global ex-U.S. Real Estate ETF), international inflation-linked government bonds and some industry sector-specific ETFs like healthcare, energy and finance.

The geographies that StashAway considers in its investment opportunity set is also expanded to commodity exporting countries like Australia and Canada through their respective countries’ indices (i.e. MSCI Australia and MSCI Canada) – which makes it more diversified.

The expanded investment universe basically increases the opportunity set for the algorithm to consider when selecting funds based