It is a question I ponder repeatedly.

Property seminars routinely pop up on my facebook feed with catching captions like – “how to turn 1 property into 4 on a median income salary.”

I tend to take investment advice from property agents with a (huge) pinch of salt. As AK loves to say, Never ask a barber whether you need a haircut.

Property agents will always tell you that the “only way the market moves is up”. “The developer will never reduce price.”  If the development they are selling is large, they will say how the large number of future transactions will prop up your property price. If the development is small, they will wax lyrical about the ease to rent or sell due to no competition.

For would-be property investors/prospective home owners, I suggest you disregard all the noise and judge for yourself the merits of any property currently on the market.

Here are