Here is part 1

So I wrote previously about how my “work” is similar to normal work.
And even though I have enough, I keep trying to get more so that I have excess and have more “security”.

And so, I’d like to build upon what happened to me recently.
So I managed to find a place where I can get quite good stuff… meat, prepacked food, cheeses, yogurts, etc.
WOW… so much better than the fresh fruits and vegetables that I’ve been eating.
For almost 2 months, I have been eating 90% fruits and vegetables. Which is really good for health.

Suddenly, I now have stocks of a whole range of other produce.
And of course meat and cheese has higher “value” right? I mean… if I have meat which is “worth more” why would I eat 90% vegetables?
So recently my diet has changed to around… 50% meat, and I’m starting to feel unhealthier.
Furthermore, since I’m now