During the 2019 National Day Rally, our Prime Minister shared more details about the future Greater Southern Waterfront project. With 30 km coastline and 2,000 hectares of land, how will it impact the existing and future landscape of properties in the South?

In this episode, I will ask Ku Swee Yong, CEO of International Property Advisor Pte Ltd, the following questions:

1. What will be the impact on housing with 9,000 more homes added in the area?

2. How will existing projects, including Corals, Caribbean and Reflections at Keppel Bay be affected by the new plan?

3. Will there be more companies moving their offices to the Greater Southern Waterfront?

With very positive response from the last workshop, Ku Swee Yong will be re-running the Property Investment Finance and Profit-Risk Analysis Workshop on 13 October 2019. Sign up today!

You can now watch the podcast below. The video comes with