This is a quick public service announcement.

NTUC are issuing another tranche of these very popular high return for short duration insurance savings plan.

Typically, from what I understand, these plans do not net the commission based advisers much commission. Usually, these are very attractive to those who are not easily swayed.

As they get you on this plan, they have your contact. The real selling happens after the end of the tenure of these insurance savings plans.

But if you are a very well inform and savvy reader of Investment Moats, this might be for you.

The Capital Plus (C2N2) Plan

This is a 3-year non-participating, single premium endowment policy that provides:

a guaranteed return of 2.30% p.a. Up to 105% of death and TPD benefits (before age 70) Minimum single premium: $20,000

This plan is suitable for those who wants:

Short term saving plan of 3 years Guaranteed