​From registering for birth certificate to CDA account.

Parenting in the modern world goes beyond sheltering, changing, and feeding.

Choosing a shield plan for your newborn is VERY important.

Let’s discuss in detail about Integrated Shield Plans (ISP or shield plan) for your newborn baby.

Just to be clear, ​Shield plans are add-ons to Medishield Life, so there is no duplicates or double payment.

In this article, when shield plan is mentioned, it is referring to Private Insurer’s Shield Plans.

What is Deductibles and Co-Insurance?

​With recent changes announced by Ministry of Health (MOH), all shield plans and their riders are to include some form of co-payment from yourselves.

Deductible is the first dollars out that is borne by yourself.

Co-insurance is to pay the next 5-10% of the total bill by yourself.

Good news however, there