Finally, the Investor-One 2019 has concluded with the Finals, last Saturday on 14th September Saturday at the SGX Auditorium!

More than 100 people attended the event and watched the top 6 teams as they battled it out LIVE, on stage, in front of a renowned panel of judges.

The Teams and the respective stocks they pitched:

• BIC Capital – stock: $UnUsUaL(1D1.SI)
• Prinsep Capital – stock: $Hyphens Pharma(1J5.SI)
• Alexis Capital – stock: $Synagie(V2Y.SI)
• The Oracles – stock: $Clearbridge(1H3.SI)
• Primordial Capital – stock: $Hyphens Pharma(1J5.SI)
• Thebearprowl – stock: $Memories(1H4.SI)

The teams presenting on the Grand Stage.

As Finalists in Singapore’s biggest ever stock pitch challenge open to the public, all the teams came under pressure during the Q&A from our renowned panel of judges: Mohamed Nasser Ismail representing SGX, Mark Liew representing PrimePartners, Christopher Lee representing ShareInvestor, You Weiren representing iFast Financial, Joseph Yap representing SAC Capital and Terence Wong representing Azure Capital.