One of my ex-co-worker let me know that there are 2 exchange traded funds (ETF) listed on the London Stock Exchange this year.

I thought these are pretty good to let you guys and gals be aware of.

This is more suitable for the buy-and-hold investors who understand the benefits and shortcomings of investing in a low-cost portfolio by doing it yourself.

This is in contrast to purchasing through easier to access robo-advisers platform.

Both ETFs are UCITS ETF that are domiciled in Ireland and they are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

We prefer the ETF and unit trusts domiciled in Ireland because they are more optimized in terms of minimizing withholding taxes on the dividends received, and reducing estate duty/inheritance tax/death taxes complications should the investor passed away.

You can read my definitive guide to withholding tax when it comes to stock and passive investing to understand