If we wish to reminisce about how these financial independence movement started, we got to discuss a little about the history.

From what I know, this can be broken up into a few “Eras”.

Paul Terhorst wrote Cashing in on the American Dream in the 1980s Then Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin wrote Your Money or Your Life in the 1990s There was a Motley Fool subthread which eventually became a private financial independence forum Bob Clyatt introduced us to the concept of semi-retirement when he reinvented himself as a sculptor (now he is renown for that). He wrote the book Work Less, Live More Jacob Lund Fisker then started writing his thoughts on his philosophy in life at his blog Early Retirement Extreme (ERE). His site managed to influence a lot of people in his multi-disciplinary thinking Then a guy called Mr. Money Mustache came along. This was right