Episode 36 is a recording of the first part of my presentation “Finding Gems In The Property Market” at the SMART Expo on 5 October 2019 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

I will touch on the following in Part I of my presentation:

1. Why are there so many gems in a soft market?
2. Who are sharing those “property secrets”?
3. What happens to private residential transaction volume?
4. What a typical month of HDB and private transactions tells us about property agents?
5. How are property agencies contradicting themselves with their quarterly results?
6. Why most property buyers only settle for average deals?
7. How to read the secret code on buying private properties hidden in your NRIC?
8. How did I make money by being a good citizen after obtained citizenship in 2002?

You can now watch the podcast below. The video comes with full script or subtitles. If you are watching