“You have to make it possible for yourself. And you can do it”

If there is one takeaway from this article it would be this 2 sentence.

Tony and Margo raised their 3 kids. Then they retired in 2010.

Like many of us, they had mortgage and high health insurance payments (in the United States, the health insurance cost is much higher than in Singapore). In Margo’s words they “owe their soul” to Bank of America. They owe Bank of America so much in high-interest payments that they realize it was just not worth it.

So they decide to buy a 32-year-old 36-foot Catalina sailboat and lived in it. And they have been doing this since 2010. They also bought a used 37-year-old Volkswagon van.

One common theme we can learn from this elderly couple is that instead of giving yourself an excuse, asking yourself “is it possible for myself”