Right now my biggest priority in my life is to resolve my father’s probate matters so that me and mother can move on in our lives. Naturally, it is going to take me a while to unpack all the lessons my father has imparted to me from an investment perspective so over the next few weeks or even months, I will share whatever I can about my father’s very large influence on me as an investor.

One of the lessons I learnt maybe even as a primary school kid is that my father hated folks who “beat his abacus”. He used to say in Cantonese that you should never let someone 打你的算盘.

I was doing some research just now and it seems to be related to the idiom “to beat a small abacus” or 打小算盘 which has a totally different meaning which is to be very petty-minded about money.

To understand the context of my family