Episode 37 is a recording of the second half of my presentation “Finding Gems In The Property Market” at the SMART Expo on 5 October 2019 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

I will touch on the following in Part II of my presentation:

1. When were the two times I was passionate about buying in the property market?
2. How did people respond to my optimism in property purchase?
3. What happens now for new launch projects that had good traffic at preview?
4. What are the similarities between going to ROM and visiting sales galleries?
5. Can buyers find gems in listed properties under fire sale?
6. What are my 3 definitions of property gems?
7. When to buy properties under new government infrastructure plans?
8. What are the 4 questions and 2 numbers to consider in property investment?
9. How to tell the differences of good vs bad salespeople, and scammers vs savvy investors?