REITs and Business Trusts are supposed to be relatively stable assets that are not subject to significant volatility. However, just before the Deepavali long weekend in Singapore, Mr Market presented a unique opportunity in Eagle Hospitality Trust (ticker code SGX: LIW). Eagle Hospitality Trust (‘EHT’) capitulated a total of 15.5% to close at US$0.545 in a single trading session, definitely a far cry from its IPO price of US$0.78 This was a swift reaction to the damning allegations that ran on The Edge with regards to one of the biggest and most controversial assets in its portfolio, The Queen Mary. Eagle Hospitality Trust certainly did not meet most of the investment criteria in Heartland Boy’s checklist for REITs and Business Trust. Nonetheless, he took a leap of faith that day as he felt that the sell-off was more knee-jerk than rational. Here is his review of Eagle Hospitality Trust